After being independent for our first four years, we joined the Montgomery Baptist Association, a part of the Southern Baptist Denomination, in November 2015. In addition to this partnership, we have assembled an oversight team of biblically qualified and seasoned men to encourage, instruct, guide and correct us during our formative years. These men have served us extremely well through our first five years. 

Currently, our three elders are Alonzo Brown Jr., Terrence Jones and Jeff Hand. Dean Miller, Zachary Beasley II and Adam Alexander serve as our deacons. We are in the process of cultivating future elders and deacons. Until then, a steering committee of current elders, deacons and other leaders has been formed. They assist the current elders in leading the church to create a culture of plurality in leadership.

The congregation also plays a vital role in the life of our church. We value the input and concern of each member. Large financial commitments, the selection of pastors/elders, and more need the support of the congregation to be considered official church decisions.


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Our community has been plagued with vicious cycles of violence, drugs, prostitution, poverty, poor graduation rates and fatherless homes for decades. These circumstances combined create a sense of hopelessness. Many recognize the conditions, but turn a deaf ear. Others avoid the community due to feelings of fear and inadequacy. However, it is our conviction that through the gospel of Christ and His church, neighborhoods like ours can be radically impacted. Will all circumstances change? No! Yet, the sufficiency of Christ changes everything. We desire to be a “kingdom of priests and a holy nation” amongst our neighbors, displaying God’s character to people who desperately need Him.

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2020 vision

All of our plans are rooted in a deep love for Jesus and the gospel. We know the gospel is what ultimately transforms people. These goals are avenues to both present the gospel and show the love of Christ. 

Our desire is to see these goals completed by 2020.

1. Build Multipurpose Facility

We desire to complete a multipurpose facility on our 13 acres that will allow us to be a blessing to the community, to have a permanent meeting place, and a launching pad to facilitate impactful ministry seven days a week. Goal Completion: Dec. 2017

2. Build College & Youth Ministry

There are 2,000 kids within a three-mile radius of our meeting location. We want to build a dynamic youth ministry that encourages and equips children. Also, we are less than three miles away from Alabama State University. We desire that many of those students would be plugged into the life of our church and growing as they prepare to impact the world for a lifetime.

3. Build Christian Education Program

We want our members to continuously grow in their understanding of scripture, so we plan to add a Sunday school program that equips our members with a comprehensive knowledge of the Word of God and how to apply it in life. Begins Spring 2017. 

4. Job Readiness Program

We not only need more job opportunities, but our community needs the necessary skills to excel in and keep their jobs. We are partnering with Hope Inspired Ministries to provide this training year-round beginning at the completion of our building. H.I.M. has an extensive track record in training people for jobs and changing lives. We are so excited about this opportunity. 

5. Small Business Program

We desire to build avenues that our incredibly creative community members can create legitimate businesses that supplement and replace income. Economic development is key to transforming our community, thus we want to provide training for this goal. We also want to start businesses that may be job opportunities for people struggling to find consistent income. 

6. Preschool Program

Research shows that 95 percent of the brain is developed from ages 0- 5. Children in our community are starting school already behind. We desire to build a robust preschool that ministers to kids and parents, as well as prepares them for a great education. 

7. Goals

- 50 new converts/won to Christ (at least 10 per year) who plug into the life of the church

- 25 missional communities

- 250 members

- 80% of congregation in discipleship relationships

8. Plant a Church

We desire to plant other churches in urban areas that will be community-focused and diverse by raising up planters, sending members and resources to support the ministry. 

9. Fishers Farm

Fishers' Farm is a residential discipleship center that exists to serve people of all backgrounds who struggle with the addiction of drugs, alcohol, and/or homelessness. Our goal is to help people break these destructive patterns of addiction and bring holistic healing through the structure of life on life discipleship, being immersed in God's Word, building healthy habits, counseling, teamwork, and more. To learn more, visit