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Terrence Jones, 

lead pastor

Terrence was born on September 5, 1981 to Alfred and DaLaonne Jones, and is a native to Norman Park, GA. He was raised in a Christian home where he regularly attended church and made a profession of faith at a young age. He received a football scholarship to Tuskegee University where he became convinced through the ministry of Campus Outreach that his hypocritical lifestyle and Christian profession did not match up. It was then, by the grace of God, that his eyes were opened to his need for a Savior, and he genuinely trusted Christ with his life at the age of 19. In 2006, he married a young lady he’d met through Campus Outreach, the former Thais Redmond, whom he absolutely cherishes. In May 2011, he earned his Master of Divinity Degree from The Master's Seminary in California. It is Terrence's consuming desire to be used of God to strengthen the local church within the urban community. He and Thais are the proud parents of six children: Faith (deceased), Malaya, Sophia, Terrence Jr., Anani and Malachi. 

e-mail: terrence@strongtowerawp.com

Twitter: @pastorTstawp

Alonzo brown, Jr.

associate pastor

Alonzo Jr. was born on October 14, 1975 and raised in Clinton, MD by his parents Alonzo Sr. and Cynthia Brown. He attended Alabama State University (ASU) where the Holy Spirit awakened him through a street preacher as a freshmen on the football team. He later became involved in the Campus Outreach (CO) ministry where he met Antoinette Green. They married in December 1998, and two weeks later he joined the CO staff targeting Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) with the gospel of Jesus Christ. In 2009, Alonzo joined the staff of Common Ground Montgomery, a ministry to K-12 children in the Washington Park neighborhood. Washington Park is an under-resourced community in the “bad” part of town. Nevertheless, God is working there, and His message of hope and restoration is one that Alonzo is eager to preach as he serves both the body of Christ at Strong Tower and Washington Park. 

He and Antoinette have five children: Alaiyah Ayden, 

Alonzo III, Adrian and Anthony.

e-mail: alonzo@strongtowerawp.com

Twitter: @pastorZostawp

keisha turner, 

women's  counselor

Keisha is a native of Jamaica. At the age of 10, she moved to the United States. Seven years after living in the U.S., Keisha became a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. As a new Christian, Keisha did not understand the basics of the Christian faith. However, while in college, Keisha had the privilege of being involved in a discipleship relationship. Through that relationship, Keisha began to understand the importance of the Scriptures and its application. Understanding that our lives are designed to make much of Christ, Keisha began to share a burden for those who walk in constant darkness. In 2005, Keisha graduated from Tuskegee University with a Bachelors degree in psychology. After which, she went on to The Master's College to earn a Masters of Arts in biblical counseling. Months after completing her studies, Keisha spent a year in South Africa serving the sick, the poor and the orphans. Keisha also worked with Common Ground Montgomery for three years. Her educational training and experiences, coupled with the desire to tell others about our great Savior, has given Keisha an even greater desire to commit her life to ministering to the needy of her community. Keisha is married to Fredrick Turner. 

They have three daughters: Ailis, Eliana and Selah.

e-mail: keisha@strongtowerawp.com



Zach is from Birmingham, AL and his wife Nicole is a native of Stockton, California. They met at Tuskegee University in 2005. In 2006, they became Christians and and two years later they got married. They have four children: Naomi, Zachary “Tripp” III, Gabrielle and Nehemiah. Since its inception in 2017, Zach and Nicole have served as volunteers with Strong Tower iENGauge youth group. After serving as interim youth leaders in early 2019, they accepted the opportunity to lead iENGauge. Currently, Zach works with our teens ages 13-18 and Nicole works with the children ages 5-12.

​Nicole's e-mail: ​youth@strongtowerawp.com

Zach's e-mail: zbeasley@alsbom.org

Cameron bell, 

church planting resident

Cameron was born in April of 1988 in Marietta, GA and moved to Montgomery in 1997 after his father got stationed at Maxwell Air Force Base. He had the privilege of being raised in a family that loved Jesus and His church. In fact, God called both of his grandfathers and his father to be ministers of the gospel and to pastor local churches. It was in that context that Cameron was raised. He identifies with Timothy when Paul tells him that, “from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred writings, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus” (2 Tim. 3:15)-- this was Cameron. From the time he was born, he was taught the Bible, and eventually one day around middle school, the Holy Spirit opened his eyes and made him wise for salvation, giving him faith in Jesus and taking him from spiritual death to spiritual life. He graduated from Auburn University and is currently pursuing his Master of Divinity at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He married his best friend, Tara, in June of 2011. They have two kids, Mary Whit and Shep, and have recently moved back to Montgomery to plant a church in the Cloverdale community.

e-mail: cameron@strongtowerawp.com

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